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Showing adequate appreciation for doing a great job is an exception in many companies.

Showing adequate appreciation for doing a great job is an exception in many companies. Gallup polling has discovered that 65% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition for a job well done in the last year. How could this be? You would think that number would be much lower with all the information at our disposal pertaining to the benefits of positive recognition. Gallup also found that 82% of employees felt it is better to receive praise than a gift. Just goes to show you the power of our spoken words, especially when it’s delivered the right way, at the right time, for the right reason. 

The key attributes to job satisfaction are:  

  • Working Conditions
  • Work Relationships
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Recognition

My focus in this post is employee recognition via appreciation. If you find you fall into the category of holding back when it comes to expressing appreciation, you are not alone. At Globalstar, we counter this with a culture that encourages transparency—where we freely and openly express gratitude and appreciation for the effort it takes to do a good job, and that is a multi-directional experience where all parties are recognized. 

Back when I was President of S3G, the company prior to Globalstar, we had two hundred employees, one hundred and fifty of which were consultants. What dawned on me was that people at the top naturally enjoyed more recognition, good and bad. It was like a fraternity where the privileged few get all the credit, all the time. When I took a step back and thought about the message that sent to the rest of the organization, I decided to make a change. From that point on, we pushed most of the recognition and appreciation out to the people who were foot soldiering the work. This wasn’t something that took a long time to implement. It was an immediate action that had astounding results. In fact, we were able to see an instantaneous cultural shift. 

People began taking pride and ownership in their work like never before. There was a collective shift in the consciousness of the overall company, and an energy shift from doing what was required as part of the job, to one of shared excellence. I remember weekends where I would drop by the office and 15-20 consultants would be collaboratively working their projects together. Simply put, appreciation create.

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