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Balance is the key to success. Plain and simple.

Balance is the key to success. Plain and simple. Sure, you can have successful moments without it, but they are fleeting and temporal. Balance in business requires thinking through your goals and then balancing the heart and greater mind of the organization into your final decisions. This is accomplished by striking a balanced tone between your organization's heartbeat which requires personally knowing each one of your team members, and tangible business opportunities. And make sure to not only know what your team members are good at, but what's important to them as well. The key to balance in any successful business is to focus on its most important asset, its people. It’s ALWAYS about the people!

Let's face it, a company's personnel are the collective heartbeat of the organization.

A successful and sustainable business is an inside out proposition. It starts with the guidance of smart leaders who are enthusiastic about people, products, and services. These same leaders need to be thick skinned, hard driving, and compassionate. I know people who love dogs, but only tolerate people. At globlastar we are just the opposite. We love people and tolerate dogs. Just kidding! We love my dogs too! At globlastar we carry this inherent love of people into how we operate with our team members, partners, and clients. This inherency is what grounds us and gives us balance.

As the great motivational writer and speaker Dr. Norman Vincent Peale of "Winning friends and influencing people," once said, "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow." Basically, follow your heart when pursuing your passions. As soon as you make a heart commitment, your confidence will be strong, and fulfillment of your goals and dreams are within your reach. True balance resides at the apex where your tangible goals meet your heart's desire. Balance is what allows you to enjoy the journey all while chasing your dreams.

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