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Best Practices has become a watered-down term in our industry

Best Practices has become a watered-down term in our industry. I believe it’s the result of subjective interpretation and overuse. Like the idea of timeliness where everyone has their own interpretation of what that means. You’ll have people who are fifteen minutes early and consider that on time. Others are exact timers. Then there are those who are habitually 20 minutes late and consider that on time. The same goes for Best Practices. There are those who strictly deliver an industry accepted or prescribed “most effective” standards. I have found that this style of one size fits all, recycled, and boiler plated to be loaded down with consultant rhetoric that is intended to make the client feel warm and fuzzy, but falls short on delivery.

That type of standardized approach does the client a disservice because it’s not specific enough. Basically, the consulting company is telling the client what they want to hear, instead of pushing their comfort-zone envelope to where real change occurs. The consultants fold under the pressure of “this is how we’ve always done things.” The better way to deliver best practices is to have a consulting company that is consultant centric. One that is all about understands the importance of business consulting, product experience, as well as the aptitude and attitudes of its members. All are critical, but an organization that is comprised of individuals with a steeled commitment to customer satisfaction, the experience level of the individual, and the collective experience of their team, can make all the difference.

GlobalStar consultants each average 20+ years of Infor ERP experience. Plus, we have worked with a litany of clients in every conceivable industry vertical. As a client, you are the benefactor of the unparalleled aggregate of Infor ERP wisdom. GlobalStar won’t deliver a static document that is so generic that it could apply to virtually any client out there. With GlobalStar you won’t have to sift through a plethora of marketing fluff to get to anything of substance. Our style is more concise, just in time, and specific to each client. We’re not there to tell you what you want to hear, we are there to help you optimize ROI related to your purchase by delivering Best Practices recommendations that are beneficially relevant to your organization. Every organization has its own set of challenges and deserves well-crafted results to what makes them uniquely special.   

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