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Two big pieces of advice that I have been giving my sons since they were very young is to read books and to be bold!

Two big pieces of advice that I have been giving my sons since they were very young is to read books and to be bold! First off, the knowledge you attain via books is the pathway to self-discovery. Books are to your mind what the whetstone is to the swordsman. But, where does one start? The information stored in libraries alone is mind-boggling. How can we possibly scratch the surface relative to the vastness of knowledge? Unbeknownst to many, there is a genius within you that just needs awakening, and it’s the quality of what you read that achieves desired results. 

Fluff reading is relaxing, but it does little or nothing for your growth. Opening your mind by way of books builds a pathway to deeper self-learning. Mediums like TV, the Internet, and social media are big time wasters that have far too much censorship, misinformation, and even manipulation. Read books that were written by great thinkers and doers throughout time. Stretch your mind. Become a student of the game. This studious foundation will serve you well and is essential in the subjugation of boldness. 

Knowledge is a prerequisite for mastering boldness. Off course, someone can always boldly strike out without adequate knowledge, but that would be a fool’s errand. True boldness is something that is in harmony with supportive pre-knowledge of the situation you are venturing into. There is an elevated confidence that accompanies boldness, when you are advantaged over most people you encounter. 

Make a habit of not haphazardly jumping out there without adequate knowledge of a situation. That said, being bold does err on the side of being assertive. There is a lucid strength in those who operate boldly. Plus, any radical new ideas of consequence require an element of boldness to manifest into fruition. Bold people build momentum off their smaller accomplishments. They know what they want in advance and urgently enact a plan to achieve their greater ideals. They have deliberateness in their actions and don’t give up easily. In fact, quitting is a last resort for bold individuals. 

Bold people accept that there is value in losses. To them, losses are about lessons learned, teaching moments, and getting better. Bold people are actionable by nature. You will not catch a bold person flat-footed or standing around wondering what happened. They stay on top of their game and pride themselves on being the most prepared person in the room, but never gloat. They are not overly relishing in their wins either. They take things in stride and are more about having a greater influence over their master plans than personal accolades. Bold people have vision and are very clear in their priorities. They are exceptionally focused and unafraid to speak up. Speaking up is one of the more noticeable attributes of bold people. 

If boldness is one of your goals, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. I know, “Better to stay quiet and thought a fool, than to speak up, and remove all doubt.” Bold people are not deterred by what other people will think, say, or do. Bold people understand there is risk every time you open-up your mouth, but when in doubt, they speak up. Basically, bold people couldn’t care less about what most people think of them. They know who they are. They own their flaws as well as their strengths. They audaciously laugh in the face of fears that cripple most people. Set yourself apart and be bold!

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