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Capitalization is about seizing moments of opportunity that are all around us, all the time.

Capitalization is about seizing moments of opportunity that are all around us, all the time. It’s about urgently taking advantage of these opportunities because you either have a sense of urgency today or a sense of regret tomorrow. Capitalization takes disciplined initiative and a competitive mindset. Those who capitalize are tuned-into the rhythm of their work, and not only internally but externally as well. They realize that winning is based on how proficient they are in threading the proverbial needle of what their company offers, with that of the greater ecosystem. The key is to do so in a harmonious manner. These individuals understand that successful outcomes are located at the intersection of where opportunity meets capitalization. The goal is to be in a rhythmic zone with abundance and prosperity.

The remarkable thing about having a capitalization mindset is that it can be highly contagious. It breeds an environment of healthy competition, but it is not just about competing and that’s enough. Capitalization is about winning! There are no participation trophies in capitalization. You either win or you lose. It’s as simple as that. I remember when my oldest son was playing baseball and the games would become rather intense, especially from a spectator’s (aka parents) point of view. There was one game where both teams' parents were exceptionally participatory. The game was close, but our side ended up losing. Afterwards, I overheard my son’s coach telling the players that everything was fine and dandy because it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having fun!

I thought more about the coach’s philosophy about having fun later but wasn’t sure that was the message I wanted my son to internalize as part of his losing experience. My son came to me later and expressed how painful it was to lose a game that was within his team’s reach. He said, “Dad, how do you get past the pain of losing?” In what I saw as a teaching moment, I said, “Losing is extremely painful for me as well, and the best way to remedy losing is by winning. And to ensure winning, you must capitalize on your windows of opportunity when they open. Doing so takes focus, discipline, preparation, and an emboldened desire to win. But you also need another all-important ingredient, and that is the ability conjoin your passion for winning with that of your teams to where you make those around you better.” 

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