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Choosing a BIG name for your project can come with an even bigger price tag

Avoid the pitfalls of working with larger, more well-known ERP Services companies.

After 26 years of starting and running two successful Infor Lawson consulting firms, I have learned plenty around the “do’s and don’ts” of managing projects. 

There is an old saying in the consulting business, “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM.” But today, assuming that a larger, well-known “name” can take care of your company’s unique needs better, merely based on name recognition, could take you in the wrong direction, costing you in a litany of unexpected ways. 

When considering an ERP services partner, the objective should be to hire a consulting firm with the most experience specific to what you are looking to accomplish. With so many consulting firms out there—large and small, well known and less known, each can differ in their services and strengths and that includes the quality of service and expertise that you’ll receive.

In fact, it’s more common than not, that the bigger firm is not always better. Sometimes larger firms hire and dedicate less experienced consultants to projects that actually require more experienced consultants. Because of this, customers are likely to see a revolving door of overlapping consultants who try to pick up where the last one left off. The customer is the one who pays for this… It wastes time, adds frustration, and leaves them wondering if anything is actually getting done.

If you want to find the most experienced consultants, look at the smaller to mid-sized consulting firms. Why? Because senior consultants (those with 10+ years of experience in their disciplines) like to call smaller firms “home,” and here’s why…

Smaller firms tend to offer environments that are egoless, and free of politics. Additionally, they typically offer a management team that makes decisions and changes more efficiently and effectively, based on the lack of red tape and number of people involved in the decision making process. This mitigates unnecessary paperwork and meetings that are pointless and unorganized. On top of that, consultants themselves are more likely to feel a sense of ownership and appreciation for their work, and enjoy an unmediated relationship with upper management partners. As a result, the end customer receives a more attentive, responsive consultant, who is highly experienced in their discipline, and who puts the end customer first. 

I am a staunch believer in putting the consultants needs on the front burner. When they feel like they are an invaluable part of a whole, they are much more prepared to service our valued clients and partners while in the field. 

Most consultants are having to jump on a plane virtually every week, so anything the consulting firm can do to ensure they have the tools, the support, and the personal nurturance they need to be successful, the better. A smaller firm is more capable of this, they know their consultants, and they care about them. Consultants are less likely to feel like an unrecognized cog in the wheel like at a larger firm.

This level of commitment is multi-directional in nature. It’s one in which we hold ourselves and everyone involved accountable, in order to successfully meet or exceed client and partner expectations. 

A positive customer experience starts at the top. The consultants, clients, and partners need to have the confidence that the boutique firm’s leadership walks their talk, every time! Everyone needs to fully understand that leadership’s commitment for the greater good is steeled and resolute. This messaging is accomplished through consistency in how a firm’s words match-up with their actions… honesty, integrity, and attention to detail make all the difference.

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