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From what I’ve seen the most disjointed and ineffectual companies are the ones who don’t empower their people

From what I’ve seen the most disjointed and ineffectual companies are the ones who don’t empower their people. Empowerment starts at the top and then branches out to aspiring team members. Great leaders are secure by nature and only wield any sort of power as a last resort. These same leaders are not great because of their ability to wield power, they are great because of their ability to empower others.

Empowerment not only distributes responsibility and buy-in to team members, it helps them discover their own greatness. As a leader, you cannot build a legacy type organization if you hold the reins too tight. You must push responsibility out into the organization. Doing so, allows you to find those hidden gems, the next generation of leaders. 

At Globalstar, we strive to find those hidden gems – all the time. We look for ethical people who are self-aware and make personal excellence a priority. People who are secure enough to think strategically, then act without worrying about repercussion. All while pushing credit out to their team members. People who freely entrust others to enact power within the organization, which inevitably makes the greater organization stronger. 

We all know those who are extremely unicentric to themselves. For whatever reason, they feel the need to make everything about themselves, and for that reason, they want all the credit with none of the blame. This way of thinking seems to be more prevalent now than ever. True leaders aren’t caught up in whether they are right or need to make everything about them. They are all about doing the right thing by the people they represent. If you want to build a great organization that flourishes and reaches its full potential, whether you are there or not, then empower your people. Be the exception and give your team members the credit they deserve. If you don’t, they will go somewhere that will.

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