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We've all experienced the salesperson who comes in and promotes the next big thing

We've all experienced the salesperson who comes in and promotes the next big thing which is usually accompanied by extra embellishment and promotional aspects IF you purchase today. It's what I like to refer to as their secret sauce. I used to tell salespeople that selling begins when the customer says no, where salesmanship begins when the customer says yes. Selling tends to be more transactional and shorter lived. Where salesmanship is about developing trusted relationships by way of delivery and execution. It's an adaptive mindset of a promises made and promises kept.

For an organization to shift toward an execution model it needs to take a hard look at its current business model and culture. Leadership's words and actions need to embody what is most important to the company's vision. I can only speak to globalstar's vision, business model, and culture. We are all about establishing long term relationships with consultants, clients, and partners. Great relationships don't just happen. They take constant monitoring and nurturement. It's impossible to have credibility in relationships if you aren't able to execute on your commitments -- one client at a time. It takes being hyper focused on client satisfaction by way of proficient execution. No excuses! This sort of mindset is pervasive at globalstar.

So, what causes the inability to execute on project deliverables? Lack of communication? Lack of a plan? Lack of experienced delivery personnel? Lack of urgency? Yes, and then some. It's funny how communication or lack thereof always seems to be at the heart of missed expectations and flat falling results. Once you have established communication, you need a comprehensive plan. Of course, this may seem like business 101 stuff, but it's amazing how elusive a detailed execution plan seems to be. My recommendation is to involve experienced consulting personnel in the process of developing as well as executing your plan. Otherwise, it's like you are asking the executors to bake a beautiful cake without having any say in the ingredients. Lastly, "time is money." So, having a sense of urgency is a must! Otherwise, there is a bunch of wasted time and effort where things get behind, fall short of expectation, and you inevitably fail.

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