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So, what is genius?

It has been said that true genius can be found in the areas of mathematics and music. Of course, there are impressive examples of that truth: such as Einstein, Newton, Beethoven, and Mozart. While I can appreciate the awe-inspiring accomplishments of these individuals, I can’t help but believe that genius isn’t only reserved for two lanes, math, and music. In fact, I believe everyone has genius in them. At Globalstar, we are in search of that genius in each and every person we work with. 

So, what is genius? It’s an exceptional moment of intellectual or creative power, a spark. For example, when we look at Einstein, he came up with the theory of relatively in a few short years, a spark of genius. Everything else flowed from that basis in time. We see this same sort of occurrence with musicians, where they have a 3–5-year stint of genius and the rest is history or pales in comparison. We also see it with writers, where every follow-on book is a variation of the original bestseller. 

So, is that it? Is genius limited to a spark, a fleeting moment in time? I don’t think so. Genius is within each one of us. To find it, and sustain it, we must stay true to our greater capital “S” Self. The Self that is connected to something collectively greater than our brains or individualized lower-case self. I believe sustained genius goes hand and hand with unlimited enthusiasm. Writer and philosopher, Aldous Huxley once said, “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” Basically, the child within is the spark that believes anything is possible, your genius.

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