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If Work is not Fun, then I don’t want to have Anything to do with It

We have many uplifting mantras at Globalstar

We have many uplifting mantras at Globalstar. One of which is, “If work isn't fun, then I don’t want to have anything to do with it.” That’s not to say we are not serious about what we do, because we are. It’s really more about creating an environment that allows for freedom of expression and lightheartedness in which your work colleagues become friends, and those friendships are at the heart of having fun in your work, which also creates team chemistry and team unity, each of which are far more important than talent. 
The reality is that we spend a big part of our life working, especially in America. As a result, we hear the term “work life balance” thrown around a lot. This is something that we are very cognizant of at Globalstar. In some ways it reminds me of when COVID hit and many of us were in lockdown mode. Where we ended up spending a lot of time at home either alone or with loved ones. Many of us also began working remotely which makes it much more difficult to connect in a meaningful way with your work colleagues. What I noticed is that in order to be effective and not lose momentum, you must be more disciplined and proactive in relation to staying connected with your team members. Communication needs to be the highest of priorities to where people continue feeling appreciated, seen, and heard. They need to know you care.
Plus, whenever you keep people engaged and pursue success together, everyone feels a sense of winning, and winning is fun! The bottom line is that you are winning if your team members feel satisfied and part of something greater than themselves. Don’t settle for a situation where you don’t feel the love. If you are a talented S3 or M3 consultant and would like to belong to a "team first" organization, then check out Globalstar. The thing is work should be enjoyable to the extent that you are not trying to escape from it or counting the days until you either go on vacation or retire. Work should be stimulating, respectful and fun. Billionaire Richard Branson sums up this idea nicely with this quote, “Have fun, work hard and the rewards will come. Don’t waste time and grab your chances. Have a positive outlook on life. And when it’s not fun, move on."

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