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Land of the Misfit Toys

At Globalstar, we fondly and commonly use the phrase “Land of the Misfit Toys” when describing our company.

Most all of us know the story of the island of misfit toys from the Claymation hit, “Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer.” At Globalstar, we fondly and commonly use the phrase “Land of the Misfit Toys” when describing our company. The idea was born out of the eclectic nature of our team members, where we see past the veneer to the brilliance underneath. Very much like Michael Angelo’s quote when he was carving marble sculptures, “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block before I start my work. It is already there; I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” So, once we chisel away the superfluous material by way of acceptance and embracement, we release the genius within. 

Globalstar is a company where people feel free of judgment, politics, pecking order, and inflated egos. You could say, we have gotten over ourselves where our team members are not only accepted, but appreciated for being themselves. We embrace individualism because we realize that everyone is different and that those differences are what comprises the greater assemblage of who we are. We see people. That may sound a little esoteric or airy fairy, but it’s beyond that. We have created an environment that is special and goes beyond what most people ever experience in the workplace. 

JFK once said, “I’m an idealist without illusions.” I’ve also heard that a realist is an idealist who has gone through the fire and been purified. Where a skeptic is an idealist who had gone through the fire and been burned. Globalstar is a haven for people who feel they have been burned and are jaded. Globalstar is a family-owned business where top Infor S3 and M3 consultants can find a home that is committed to putting people first. One of our team members said the other day when referencing the unique personality of one of our consultants. He said, “He is quite the misfit,” and then someone chimed in and said, “Yeah, but he’s our misfit and that's why he fits in here.” The bottom line is that he and everyone else at Globalstar is great at what they do, just a little on the idiosyncratic side. 

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