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There are two basic types of people in the workplace. Those who are in motion and those who are in achievement.

There are two basic types of people in the workplace. Those who are in motion and those who are in achievement. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never confuse motion with action.” Have you ever noticed how everyone seems to have their own definition of immediate? These discrepancies in immediacy can be a big disconnect and momentum killer. The thing about momentum is that it begets more momentum, and the best way to start is to start now. Ideas and goals are plentiful, but execution not so much.
I’m a big proponent for never taking your foot off the gas which takes having a sense of urgency and consistently acting on your goals. From what I’ve noticed more and more people are operating in the unaccountable world of motion, a spin cycle. It’s as if they want all the accolades and credit, but none of the responsibility. Here’s the deal, when you have a good idea, enact it now. Don’t wait, because time kills deals. And sometimes you may have to buck the system a little to nudge things along. As Einstein once said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” Don’t wait for permission, act, and then beg for forgiveness later. Yes, I said that… 😊

I’ve seen many ideas that never get off the ground because distractions get in the way of moving off square one. Set the goal, create the plan, and then enact the plan. Momentum is an inclusive endeavor that involves every team member. It also takes a champion who is all in on the idea and has the urgency and authority to push things along. Otherwise, you lose momentum. Adopt having a sense of urgency in all you do, because a lack of urgency is indicative of lack of empowerment, which leads to lack of momentum, which leads to lack of accomplishment. Set lofty goals and consistently monitor forward movement which ensures you maintain momentum. Doing so, will separate you from the 90+ percent. In the end, our biggest regrets are not from our actions, but our inactions. 

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