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No Sacred Cows

Part of running an ego-less company where pecking order and politics are nonexistent

Part of running an ego-less company where pecking order and politics are nonexistent is the enactment of the idea that no one is above the company's cause or crusade. Whenever I see a manager who is having difficulty moving past a personality issue or a mistake made, I tell them they are too high up the food chain to have a problem with anyone around here. "There are no sacred cows, not me, not you, not anyone." From what I have experienced, creating and sustaining an environment where people are encouraged to get over themselves and don't waste time on unnecessary ego-based drama, is the exception.

Why is this? Why is it that people opt for what appears to a continuation of high school into the workplace? It's as if they are more comfortable spin cycling at a lower level of maturation where they relate more to the drama than the task at hand. Whatever it is, there is no place for these type of antics in a business environment where the goal is for people to feel respected, appreciated, and supported. Successful businesses have the aspirant ability to rise above petty differences by discouraging time wasting drama and favoritism. The balancing act is that as you and the business grow, that you don't lose perspective, or forget what brought you success in the first place.

This is where servant leadership and humility kicks-in. Servant leaders never forget who they represent and serve: their team members, partners, and clients. And they make sure to instill this way of thinking onto downstream leaders who carry the company's vision forward. Keeping this way of thinking in mind and at the forefront of decision making sets a higher standard for the overall organization. One in which the idea of sacred cows is not only mitigated but eliminated. Remember, no one is greater than the cause. No one!

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