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Positive people tend to be eternal optimists.

Positive people tend to be eternal optimists. From what I’ve noticed, people who succeed aren’t those who avoid challenges, but instead embrace a challenge and are the first ones to get up when setbacks occur. That’s because positive people see what others miss. They optimistically see the intangible upside in virtually every situation. This ability allows them to adapt and overcome no matter the odds or circumstances. When others see impossibility, they see hope, destiny, and possibilities. Positive people have found a way to shift defeatist thoughts of pessimism to those of winning, no matter the outcome.

The positive person always finds a way to overcome. I call it breaking the habit of being yourself. This is done by changing your self-talk or inner dialogue to one of remaining upbeat, positive, and optimistic in every situation. Of course, this is no minor feat because we all drag forward certain products of our environment attributes that manifest into our present-day reality, and these can be blind spots for many of us. I suggest attempting to change yourself from the inside out. No more of the “This is how I’ve always been,” sort of thinking, instead put aside less than thoughts of negativity or negative outcomes. 

Legendary motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar once said, “It’s your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.” Simply put, having a positive attitude directly affects your trajectory or upward mobility. The positive person will win out coming and going over the negative person. If you find yourself mired in a past understanding of self-identification and don’t know how to break the cycle, then you may want to address your current belief system which includes the principles and values you adhere to. 

I recommend adopting what I call a “Personal Constitution.” This is a discipline where you sit down and consciously write out a belief system that resonates with what you want to become in your life. The key being that you determine your belief system. That’s why it’s called a personal constitution. This constitution becomes your truth and authenticity. We are talking about a handful of fundamental principles that you decide are most important to you. Once you’ve determined what they are, prominently post them in places where they are readily visible. That way you can constantly see and affirm that which you want to become. I also recommend making positivity one of the core pillars of your personal constitution.

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