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The gift is in the giving

The Holidays are a good time to change habits that no longer bring us joy.

The Holidays are a good time to change habits that no longer bring us joy. Like wearing earbuds in public places. Sure, earbuds can be beneficial, but their overindulgence does nothing more than isolate us from our surroundings. Research has shown that people are more disconnected and lonelier now than in the past and that our obsession with earbuds, texting, email, and social media are the culprits. And considering we are in the Holiday season which is traditionally a time for giving of time, talent, and treasure, we have an opportunity to change all that for the better. 
First, is admitting that change is needed. From there, you consciously determine any/all improvements you would like to make as we transition into 2023. When you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed or at an impasse, get out of your own head by “serving” others. While at times seemingly small and inconsequential, service can be a huge upliftment for those in need of a pick me up. I’m talking about little things like, helping the elderly load up their vehicles at the grocery store or offering to take their basket back to where they are stored. Small gestures such as these make the world a better place. Also, by being a spark that uplifts people up, you can’t help but uplift yourself up. This is where the gift is in the giving. 
Some may say that when you take a moment away from your everyday affairs, you are giving away a small portion of your life that you will never get back. That is one way of looking at it, but you could always flip things over realizing by investing your time and energy, you are assuming a greater purpose for your life. You are adding a new level of meaning and fulfillment to your life and the lives of others. Most of us understand that the greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when we think about it, our time is our life! As the great motivational guru Tony Robbins once said, “Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back and become more.” At the end of day, the happiest people in the world are the givers, not the takers. Make a point of going the extra giving mile this holiday season. Happy Holidays! 

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