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There are no Small Parts, just Small Actors

Everyone out there has something to teach us.

Everyone out there has something to teach us. So, whenever you are sizing someone up as not interesting enough to hit your radar, you are being small minded. Russian theater practitioner Konstantin Stanislavski was the one who coined the phrase, “There are no small parts, just small actors.” Basically, people need to get over themselves. He added that "There is nothing more tedious than an actor's biography" and that "actors should be banned from talking about themselves.” Wow! What a great message for today’s world of Self-branding and self-promotion. What's interesting is that Stanislavski wrote that in 1924. It’s as if in today's world that if something doesn’t immediately benefit someone, they have no interest. Very much like the conversation where someone will go on and on about themselves, but the moment you interject something related to yourself, their minds wander off to the next set of ears. 
If for some reason you want to win these small actors over, just get them talking about themselves and when they are done, it’s time for you to tell them about them. As Stanislavski stated, it’s tedious hearing too much about someone else’s biography. It’s very much a myopic view of the world. One of self-absorption, and all too common today. At Globalstar, it’s not unusual for us to run across an opportunity that could be considered too small to pursue. Our attitude is that no client nor project is beneath our time or energy, otherwise we would be thinking small. We would be small actors. 
Small actors are those who derive their self-worth from immediacy. Those who rise above and ascend to greater heights postpone instant gratification for a longer, slower burn that is based on a higher set of inclusive values. To become the bigger actor (so to speak) requires a level of selflessness that elicits a subtle balance between individuality and the greater whole. It’s the realization that not all things require self-promotion. Less is more when it comes to making things about yourself. Trust me, self-grandiosity does not go unnoticed and is seen as operating on a lower rung of existence. 

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