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We The People

Back in 1968, Star Trek the Original Series had an episode called: "The Omega Glory:”

Back in 1968, Star Trek the Original Series had an episode called: "The Omega Glory:” In the episode, Captain James T. Kirk referred to the Meaning of “We the People.” Of course, that quote is from the Constitution of the United States, but the scene is a powerful way to underscore the idea of teamwork in the business world. This is a streamlined and paraphrased version of a scene where they are looking over the constitution.

Kirk said, “Hear me. Hear this! Among my people, we carry many such words as this from many lands, many worlds. Many are equally good and are as well respected. But wherever we have gone, no words have said this thing of importance in quite this way. Look at these three words written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since: tall words proudly saying: We  the  People.

These words were not written for the chiefs or kings, or the warriors, or the rich, or the powerful -- but for all the people! Down the centuries, you have slurred the meaning of the words: They must apply to everyone, or they mean nothing!”

After 22 years, we the people of GlobalStar understand that our success is contingent on the success of everyone involved. This includes our clients, partners, and team members. In fact, there is no we and them, there is only an “us.” It’s a one for all and all for one mentality. Iconic singer and song writer, Bruce Springsteen summed up this idea nicely when he said, “Remember in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins.” When everybody wins, you establish a trust that propels team members in a direction that eliminates the more guarded and self-serving me or we and establishes an unbreakable us representative of all the people. Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” 

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