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Word Salads

My daddy used to say that people love to hear themselves talk.

My daddy used to say that people love to hear themselves talk. Not sure if they are always saying something of consequence but they are stringing words together - aka word salads. It seems that the term word salad has become more prevalent today than before, especially in the world of politics. At Globalstar, we refer to this type of gibberish as “consultant speak.” You know, where someone speaks a bunch of buzz word rhetoric and never says anything of consequence. It’s nonsensical blather. 
I have a feeling that people who speak in words salads are unaware they are doing it. They may even feel that if they toss a bunch of high-brow, high-falutin words out there, that people will be impressed. News flash, they are not. Likely, they are scratching their heads or turning their heads sideways like a dog who’s hearing something abnormal. Word salads are a confusing mixture of seemingly random words and phrases that may or may not be grammatically correct but are semantically perplexing to the point that the listener cannot extract any meaning from them. 
These word salad artists need to think before they speak. They need to organize their thoughts and think about the receiver of the conversation. Try to make things interesting and never underestimate the intelligence of those you are speaking to. People who opt for word salads think they can BS their way through situations when they are at a loss. As a result of their under preparation, they begin cycling through what they have already said. Sometimes, it’s verbatim. Other times, it’s virtually the same thing in a different manner. My suggestion to these folks is to study the conciseness of speaking; because word salads are a sign of ignorance, laziness, and arrogance and torturous for the listener. 

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